I want to sing
a song worthy of
the avocado, renegade
fruit, strict individualist, pear
gone crazy.  Praise to its skin

like an armadillo’s, the refusal
to adulate beauty.  Schmoo-shaped
and always face forward, it is what it
is.  Kudos to its courage, its inherent love
of democracy.  Hosannas for its motley coat,
neither black, brown, nor green, but purple-hued,
like a bruise.  Unlike the obstreperous coconut, the

avocado yields to the knife, surrenders its hide of leather,
blade sliding under the skin and stripping ther fruit.  Praise
to its nakedness posed before me,  homely,  yellow-green,
and slippery, bottom-heavy like a woman in a Renoir, her
flesh soft velvet.  I cup the fruit in my palm, slice and hold,
slice and hold, down to the stone at the core, firm fist at the
center.  Pale peridot crescents slip out, like slivers of moon.
Exquisite moment of ripeness! a dash of salt, the first bite
squishes between tongue and palate, eases down my

throat, oozes vitamins and oil.  Could anything be more
delicious, more digestible? Plaudits to its versatility,
yummy in Cobb salad, saucy in guacamole, boldly
stuffed with crabmeat.  My avocado dangles from
all that light inside.  Praise it for being small,
misshapen, and durable.  Praise it for
the largeness of its heart.

Diane Lockward


7 Responses

  1. This poem, “Organic Fruit” gets my vote for my favorite poem in this list. Not only is the poem lobely but the layout is an eye catcher!. This eye and mind catcher is a winner..deservedly so!Ciongratyulations to the author–I loved it!

  2. The poet not only gave thought to the poem but also on how to presemt it and I found that intriguing,. dressing your child for church on Sunday mornin. I admired that extra touch and I enjoyed the poem very much, alythough I must admit I not an avocado lover!.

  3. Praise for organic fruit! It gets my vote for sure; lovely music and “sauciness.”

  4. Delicious! And an excellent poem, too!

  5. It’s nutritious, and it’s explosive like a hand grenade. Yum!

  6. applause for the noble fruit, bottom-heavy, delicious! applause for the poet who notices their lusciousness!
    [and who remembers the schmoo, a self-effacing, lovable and loving critter–what a delight to be reminded of those guys]

  7. The avocado got my vote!

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