“I just love the Jersey Shore,” she gushes.
“Yes,” I agree. “The waves are just right,
not too rough, but good for body-surfing.
And the water’s refreshing, not too chilly.”
“Oh, I never go in the water,” she brags.
“I can’t stand getting my hair wet.”

“The sand is so soft.
Perfect for playing or just sitting.”
“Oh, I never go on the beach,” she volunteers.
“I can’t stand the sand in my shoes or bathing suit.
And the beaches are much too crowded.
And all that trash!”

“The sun works wonders at the Shore,
not too hot like in Florida.”
“Oh, I never go out in the sun,” she proclaims.
“I burn badly and I worry about cancer.”

“You do love the Jersey Shore?”
“Oh, yes,” she replies,
“I could sit on a shaded porch for hours
watching the sun on the sand and the waves.”

“We have so much in common.
Will you marry me?”

John Larkin


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