Did I say I was fast?
So fast I can beat anyone
So fast I’m first in line
The line forms behind me
They try to jostle for position
But I hold fast
First and fast –
They try to trick me
Trip me up – push me aside –
But I’m tough –
Hold fast

They try logic –
First is not always best
You’re hanging out there
A target
First to get spit upon
First to get shot at

Their words weaken my resolve
But still I hold fast
I can wipe off the spit
Spit back
But to get shot at is another thing –
How far away will the shooter be?
Maybe he’ll miss
Maybe his eyesight is not so good
Maybe I can duck
And still hold fast

I look behind me
At the line behind me
It snakes around buildings
Across fields
Up mountains
Down valleys
And I am first in this long line
That goes around the world
And ends up in front of me

And now I am no longer first
But part of a long chain
That circles the world
And I am not sad
To have no place
First or last or in-between
As the circle closes in front of me.

Vera Gelvin


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